The Florida real estate market is an excellent way to earn income. You could buy properties you rent or fix and flip, which makes it a very sound investment strategy! Your residence shouldn’t be looked at as an investment because it’s often an expense that doesn’t generate income. However, a good investment property in Florida to be improved and sold or rented are a very stable place for growing your assets.

It is important to understand real estate in your area before you invest. You should know the current market and differences between locations, demographics, property types as well as extra holding costs. We’ve put together a list of characteristics that, when present in a property, can guarantee you a good rental.

Location, Location, Location!

No matter where in Florida you are, there’s a difference between the neighborhoods. Location is just as important as type of property purchased and arguably even more so. Different types of properties, such as townhomes, aren’t always popular everywhere! There may be terrible sales of townhomes in the area you’re investing in. At the same time, there may be great sales of condominiums or mobile homes. Look for the properties that sell and work from there.

Learn about the neighborhood before renting a place to ensure you know what type of people will want to live there. You’ll also notice that some neighborhoods are more desirable for professionals while other neighborhoods attract families or city workers.

Pay Close Attention: Foundation and Exterior Wall

Whether it’s an apartment building or a single-family residence, the owner is responsible for making sure the property is up to code and safe. This includes hiring professionals to inspect every different type of structure before signing any leases with tenants.

If you’re looking to make a profitable real estate investment, consider buying an outdated property with good bones. Buying something without major renovations is more beneficial if it has sturdy structure and foundation because that means the building’s value will be higher in the long run.

Return on Investment

The typical way an investment is measured, return on investment (ROI), can be a bit different for rental properties. Most property investors look at cash-on-cash returns instead of total ROIs when measuring success from their rentals.

You want a property where your income from rent will cover upkeep and some of your own salary. Ideally, you should look for properties that are currently affordable before making any major investments like purchasing or renovating a building.

Low Cost Maintenance

When you purchase an investment property in Florida, make sure you know the age of things like the HVAC system and roof so that it can help your budget in major replacement costs. It’s important to know which areas are more prone to maintenance costs, as they may not be the best investment. You should avoid investing in properties located in flood zones or places with consistent severe weather patterns.

Property Appreciation Potential

In real estate, appreciation means that a property’s value increases over time. This makes properties such sound investments because they tend to grow in price with age! You could also look at a property to determine whether some updates will improve appreciation. Properties in up-and-coming neighborhoods, like new developments, offer high appreciation.

Calculate Your Holding Costs

Making sure that your property taxes and insurance costs are low is important because these two expenditures can eat into the profit you make from renting out a house.

Florida Property Warehouse is here to make the process of finding an investment property in Florida easy. One call with a local agent can match you with exclusive, off-market properties that will meet your goals.

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