Flipping the Planet

My goal is to help first-time flippers get comfortable with the basics, and then guide them on how to build a proper business system.

house flipping

Discover the best practices for home flipping.

Whether this is your first property under your belt, or if you’re seasoned at home flipping, this blog is for you. I’ve been flipping homes in Florida for over 15 years, and I’m happy to share my expertise with anyone else looking to start their own home flipping business.


Discover the infinite scalability of wholesaling and real estate investing. There are endless opportunities, and you never have to leave your home.

Tips & Tricks

Learn how to invest in properties the smart way. Learn about different exit strategies, marketing efforts, and different ways to invest in real estate.

How to Spot Deals

I’ve been doing this for 18 years, and have seen it all. I’ll show you all the red flags to look for when examining deals – and how to know when to lock it up!

Home Flipping Made Easy for All

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